Pietro Simone

Pietro Simone, is a globally renowned celebrity facialist, who has dedicated 20 years in extensive research a positive evolution to how we approach beauty, anti-ageing, products,and simply, 'the skin'. He is known and dubbed by beauty journalists as the 'peptide king', and his global clinics are known to offer a diverse range of treatments and technology- to provide cutting edge results in the rejuvenation of skin and body. His skincare range FIERCE is multi-award winning and is known for simply: THIS WORKS!
For the Kaveras Noble Community members he offers the privilege of the VS-Exosomes Infusion Treatment: The VS-T Exosomes infusion An ultra-rejuvenating skin treatment based on leading exosome biotechnology developed explicitly for skin regenerating purposes alongside VS-T Core Radiofrequency and bespoke micro-needling technique to deliver the perfect ultra-rich complex of proteins, enzymes, growth factors, and exosomes into the skin. Re-establishes and reactivates cell regeneration & communication, leading to deep age modulation, toning, lifting, and overall de-aging results. Exclusive Price To Noble Community Members- USD 900 for 45minutes (available in NYC & London Clinics only) 
In addition, Kaveras Noble Community members can enjoy a complimentary 1 hour bespoke facial at House of Pietro Simone (NYC) or The Pietro Simone Clinic, at The Flemings Hotel (London). Limited quantities available, please enquire when you become a Noble Community member or at point of purchase.