In 1988 three Georgian townhouses in London's Soho were lovingly restored to their 18th century glory and became home to Hazlitt's, one of the world's best known, best-loved small hotels. Sister hotels The Rookery in Clerkenwell and Batty Langley's in Spitalfields followed, and they too offer guests an escape into another world and time; a uniquely gorgeous, decadent world. Designed with true-to-period care, the hotels overflow with antiques and artwork, sourced from many auction houses over the years, which are combined with state-of-the art fittings and comfort for a contemporary audience. The result is hotels that are adored by all those who are lucky enough to find them.
At Hazlitt’s, our philosophy is simple. We have set out to create the kind of accommodation we ourselves would love to find in the heart of one of the world’s great cities. Civilised surroundings; old-fashioned hospitality; friendly, efficient service; a location away from the roar of traffic, but within a very short walk of the most important attractions.
For Kaveras Noble Community members Hazlitt's Hotel Group offers exclusive rate on first booking at Hazlitt Hotel, The Rookery, and Batty Langley's in London.